At the heart of the Transition Compass ™ program lies a ‘vaccine’ to protect your projects from the errors and setbacks that inevitably infect it. These errors and setbacks make your project ‘ill’: higher costs, later delivery. At best, you succeed to make your project well and still deliver the agreed functionality and quality. At worst, the project prematurely dies or remains impaired with a lesser functionality and quality.


Fortunately you have your project immune system: processes, tools and procedures, and especially project staff and management. This system can really do its job well, when it knows not only which infections impact the project but also to what extent: Does “minimal involvement of end – users” lead to € 400,000 or € 15,000 of extra cost? Does ‘wide scope’ account for € 250,000 excess work, or a mere € 12,000?


To aid the project’s immune system to better protect against debilitating infections, we have developed a vaccine in the form of a self-learning algorithm. This is how it works:



Step 1.               We set the diagnosis

  • The self-learning algorithm determines the impact of each infection on (in terms of extra cost and later delivery) on the basis of a representative yet restricted number of completed projects.


Step 2.               We inoculate the Organization

  • The algorithm is made available to all project teams of the organization as a simple SaaS tool.


Step 3.               The vaccine activates the immune system

  • Project teams enter their active projects in the SaaS and the tool tells which infections threaten the project, the extent and the impact in terms of time and money. Next, the team prioritizes the infections, takes targeted countermeasures and tracks progress using the SaaS tool.


Step 4.               The vaccine warns against unknown infections and their impact

  • This usually turns out to be considerable. So, we can jointly start a targeted search for the unknown infections, determine effective countermeasures and maximize protection.
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